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What is Warehouse Registration/License in India?

According to the WDRA, 2007 and the Warehousing (Development & Regulation) Registration of Warehouse Rules, 2017, any person commencing or carrying on the warehousing business and also intending to issue Negotiable Warehouse Receipts (NWRs) has to mandatorily get the warehouse registered with the Warehousing Development & Regulatory Authority (WDRA) and also to comply with applicable warehouse legal requirements.

What if the procedure for registration of the warehouse is not duly complied?


If the procedure for registration of warehouse is not duly complied in accordance to the applicable provisions of Warehousing (Development & Regulation) Act, 2007or not fulfilling the warehouse legal requirements then there are penal provisions in the form of hefty monetary fines or imprisonment or both.

Documents Required Online Warehouse Registration / License in India

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for warehouse registration?

A person who wants to carry on the business of warehousing may submit only one application for registration in respect of all the warehouses. WDRA

What is the registration fee for applicant/ warehouseman who is Farmer, Producer Organisation or a Cooperative?

In case the applicant/ warehouseman is a Farmer Producer Organisation or a Cooperative, the fee shall be Rs. 5,000 per warehouse.

What is the mode of submission of application?

The application of online warehouse registration in India can be submitted online via

The insurance coverage requirement for getting warehouse License in India with respect to the goods deposited in the warehouse(s), must be against at least: (a) fire,
(b) flood,
(c) burglary,
(d) SFSP policy
(e) misappropriation and
(f) riots and strikes.

What is the Fire safety equipment's arrangement to be mentioned in application of online Warehouse Registration in India?

Fire safety equipment’s arrangement for Warehouse Registration in India includes number & type of fire extinguishers, fire buckets, water arrangements, fire safety alarms and any other measures etc available in warehouse infrastructure.

What is the eligibility requirement of an applicant for granting warehouse license in India?

The eligibility requirement of an applicant for granting warehouse license in India are as follows:

  • Identity of applicant
  • Fit and proper person
  • Insurance coverage
  • Minimum net worth as mentioned in the 7th schedule on the basis of the sum total of the capacity of the warehouses concerned.
  • Security deposit during the period of registration of the warehouse.
  • Complete infrastructure requirements for a warehouse
  • Comply standard operating procedure
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