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Why Corporate Secretarial Services are required?

The Companies Act 2013 prescribes various legal & regulatory compliance for Companies. The Government is emphasizing on the best governance practices by companies to curb the malpractices. We recommend taking professional services for all kind of corporate secretarial services & company formation Services who ensures to complete legal & regulatory compliance in India as per the applicable provisions of the act. If you are looking for best online company secretarial services like company formation services, company law compliance services, corporate governance services and other legal & regulatory compliance in India then you are always welcome to contact professionals through CAONWEB.

What includes corporate secretarial services?

Documents Required for Secretarial Services

Company Registration: A Step-By-Step Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of Companies that can be registered in India?

There are following types of Companies that can be registered in India:

  • One Person Company
  • Private Limited Company
  • Public Limited Company
  • Section 8 Company
Is online company secretarial services available?

Yes, you can opt for online company secretarial services by the experts of CAONWEB who takes care of the all the mandatory & event based compliances applicable on corporates along with the company formation Services.

What all is included in online company secretarial services?

Our experts of CAONWEB can provide you following range of corporate secretarial services which includes mandatory & event based compliances such as:
*Annual filing,
*Drafting of Board resolutions,
*Minutes of meeting,
*Change in directors,
*Change in registered office,
*Increase or decrease in capital,
*Change in secured borrowings,
*Maintenance of Registered offices, etc.

How significant is the corporate secretarial services?

Government is introducing new regulations and also amending the old law & regulations to improve the governance which imposes the responsibility on companies meet their obligations in each jurisdiction. Hence it has become significant to comply with the corporate secretarial services.

What is included in company formation Services?

Company formation services includes the complete procedure of registering the company from applying the company name to open the bank account of company.

Can a Foreign National become a director or shareholder in a Private Limited Company in India?

Yes, a Foreign National or say NRI can become a director or shareholder in a Private Limited Company in India.

What Is The Income Tax Rate For A Company In India?

For companies, the income tax rate will continue to be what was in last FY 2017-18.WITH TURNOVER LESS THAN Rs. 250 crore: TAX RATE IS 25%WITH TURNOVER ABOVE Rs.250 crore: tax rate is 30%Mandatory E.cess of 2% and Secondary and Higher education cess @1% on total tax including the surcharge.And surcharge is levied @ 7% IF INCOME IS MORE THAN Rs. 1 CRORE AND UP TO 10 CRORE@12% IF INCOME IS MORE THAN Rs. 10 CRORE

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