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Cross Border Transaction - Structuring & Taxation

Cross Border Transaction or international transactions are those related to transaction which involve two or more countries? Two acts governs cross boarder transaction in India.

  1. Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and
  2. Income Tax Act,

Major types of cross border transactions are:

  • Cross-Border Financing: loans, letters of credit or bankers acceptances, Bank guarantees, depositary receipts etc.
  • Buying or Selling Products & Services
  • Shared services: such as research organization

Things in consideration during cross border

Frequently Asked Questions

How do tax experts help in cross boarder matter?

– Setting up and structuring your transactions

– Regulatory compliance help with Government of India, RBI and others as applicable.

– Advisory in terms of setting up branch office, liaison office in India.

What are the things to be considered during cross border transactions?

Major points to be considered are:

  • Advance ruling
  • Legal compliances
  • Contract with States
  • Liaison office set up or Branch office set up or subsidiary incorporation
  • Taxation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Taxation as per foreign laws
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Accounting and financial analysis
  • Currency and Repatriation Issues
What is the significance or some important points on cross boarder transaction importance?

India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. With its consistent growth performance and abundant high skilled man power, India provides enormous opportunities for investment, both domestic and foreign. Reform initiative has been taken in the field of investment, trade, financial sector, exchange control simplification of procedure. India provides liberal, attractive and investor friendly environment to investors.
With Governments focus on bringing more and more investment in India, Initiatives such as make in India, Ease of Doing business shows that India is welcoming the trend and it’s becoming easier to do business in India.

How to get one stop consultancy solution in India for any cross boarder transaction?

In India, Tax experts are to be relied on since they are well versed in domestic and international taxation matters. A platform such as caonweb which has several Chartered Accountants from across the country registered can provide you a one-stop solution. All you need to do is a request for a service you need.

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