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How to Register an NGO Online

An NGO is basically a not for profit earning entity which strives to work towards the betterment of the underprivileged sections of Society. Online NGO registration could have a wide range of interests for the betterment of society. This could include Environmental reasons, human & animal rights, improving fitness, and the welfare of children, development work and will even include raising recognition about sports of social importance. So there could be any sight for an online NGO registration which could bring your idea to reality.

There are various means and sources through which a non-profit organization raises funds which could be a voluntary donation, donations to gain relaxation in income tax and it could be foreign contributions. There are 3 most popular ways for online NGO registration in India:

  • Section 8 Company
  • Society
  • Trust

Documents required for online NGO registration

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get online NGO registration in India?

Getting your online NGO registration in India is much easier than any other country. You can register your Non-Profit Organization with the help of three different statutory laws viz.

  • Companies act, 2013.
  • Indian trust act, 1882
  • Society registration act, 1860

Find the best CA services online to get the best guidance on all the compliances which need to be taken care of before online NGO registration.

What is Niti Aayog online NGO registration portal “NGO DARPAN?

Niti Aayog online NGO registration portal viz. NGO DARPAN is the much-appreciated step by the Government of India. NGO DARPAN acts as an interface between the NGO & various central ministries which brings in more transparency in the functioning of the government as well in Voluntary donation and funding to NGOs in India.

How to check NGO registration status online?

Check NGO registration status online with the help of the NGO DARPAN portal. Follow the instruction:

  • Go to NGO DARPAN home page
  • Fill in the state of your non-profit organization registration.
  • Type of Non-Governmental Organisation
  • Proposed name of Non-Governmental Organization
  • Unique ID issued during registration
What is the process of online NGO registration?

The NGO registration process could be a bit tricky since it includes a number of compliance which needs to be fulfilled and three different laws under which an NGO is proposed to be registered.

1. Online ngo registration as “society”
  • Choose an appropriate name for your trust.
  • Prepare an MOA/AOA and rules for the functioning of the trust.
  • Other documents required are:

    • Cover Letter requesting non-profit organization registration·
    • Certified Copy of Duly PassedResolution for non-profit organization Registration·
    • Minutes of the Meeting.·
    • Declaration by the President of the society.
    • ID proof as Address Proof of members
  • To get the final approval, you must submit the MOA/AOA with the concerned registrar of societies in your state.
2. Online ngo registration as “trust”
  • Choose an appropriate name for your trust.
  • Finalize the trustee for the proposed entity.
  • Prepare an MOA/AOA and rules for the functioning of the trust.
  • Prepare the clauses of the trust deed.
  • Trust deed must be prepared in consultation with legal experts.
  • Trust deed must be registered with the local registrar as per the Indian trust act, 1882
  • Submit the Trust Deed, along with properly attested photocopies with the local registrar.
  • Once all the documents submitted and verified, final online NGO registration will take a week’s time for approval.
3. Online ngo registration as “section (8) company”
  • Apply for Digital signature certificate (DSC) for proposed directors under section (8) of company registration.
  • Form DIR-3 should be filed with the registrar of companies (ROC).
  • Get your Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Form INC-1: Apply for the name of the Trust/company/society.
  • MOA/AOA of the proposed non-profit organization registration
  • Apply for license/company incorporation certificate
  • Online NGO registration is complete; your section (8) company is ready to operate.
What documents required for NGO registration in India?

Documents required for online NGO registration in India are:

  • Name, address & profession of the founding members.
  • Application duly signed by all the founding members.
  • Application clarifying the purpose of non-profit organization registration.
  • MOA/AOA containing rules & regulations of Non-Governmental Organisation
  • Self-declaration by the president of the Non-Governmental Organisation
  • Minutes of all the meetings held until now.
  • Trust deed and an affidavit.
Why do you need to go online NGO registration?

Online NGO registration would give you the convenience of getting all the details related to non-profit organization registration at your place and you don’t need to worry for any compliance process. Get in touch with our experts and find the best CA services online to get your non-profit organization registration at the earliest.

What are the benefits associated with NGO registration in India?

Besides social service there are more benefits associated with an NGO registration in India. Some of them are discussed below:

Functioning of bookkeeping includes the following:
  • Little or no stamp duty payable.
  • No minimum capital requirement.
  • 80G deduction under the Income-tax act.
  • Ease in legal & compliance registrations.
  • benefits of various government schemes.
  • Ease in land registration for social service.
  • Subsidised rates for input, raw materials, and supplies.
  • Corporates can include their donation under CSR activities
How much does it cost to register an NGO in India?

Cost of an NGO registration directly varies from state to state and the statutory laws it is registered. Since NGO registration falls under the state subject, therefore, there is a variation in its fee structure.

The best way is to find the best CA services online and get all the insights into an online NGO registration. A nominal expert fee is charged in addition to the government fees.

Why not have my own accounts department rather than outsourcing?

There are various reasons which justifies that online bookkeeping services outsourcing is a better option than having your own accounts department:

  • Professional service
  • Reduced costs
  • Effective utilization of resources
  • High quality & expertise
  • Easy & convenient
  • Reduce risk of fraud
  • Assign roles & responsibility.
Is outsourcing of online bookkeeping and accounting possible?

Yes, online outsourcing of bookkeeping is possible and it is easy, effective and convenient for all the parties associated to outsource their bookkeeping.

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