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Mr. Kumod Kumar Singh


Kumod Kumar Mahran stands as the Director at Tax Squad Consultancy, wielding an impressive academic background coupled with over one decade of unparalleled experience in finance and taxation. His educational journey, culminating in a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) and nearing completion of the Chartered Accountancy Finalist status, underscores his commitment to mastering the nuances of financial management.

With a career spanning 10 years, Kumod has navigated diverse sectors, accumulating a wealth of expertise that extends across intricate financial landscapes. His leadership has been instrumental in guiding numerous businesses toward financial success, drawing upon a depth of knowledge accrued over his extensive tenure.

As Director, Kumod Kumar Mahran embodies Tax Squad Consultancy’s core values of excellence and innovation. He leads strategic initiatives, ensuring that clients receive meticulously tailored financial solutions honed through years of dedication and expertise. His unwavering commitment to financial prowess elevates both the firm and the clients it serves, positioning Tax Squad Consultancy as a beacon of trust and reliability in the realm of financial consultancy.

Kumod’s relentless pursuit of financial excellence not only defines his role within the firm but also exemplifies Tax Squad Consultancy’s commitment to providing unparalleled expertise. His visionary approach and dedication continue to drive the firm’s success, fostering a culture of innovation and client-centered financial solutions.

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